Stock Photo: Wall ceiling

The guide about the principles of stock photography

Every communication professional who wants to reach his end-user, usually needs appropriate visual content for his creative project. In some cases, custom photography is required. For example, portrait photography, product photography and location photography that has to be unique. But for many purposes stock photography is a great solution. Stock photography comes in different qualities and it can be extremely professional. Stock photos are also very cost effective and it saves a lot of time.

The concept of stock photography

Stock photography is almost a century old and the concept is simple: already produced visual content is offered for sale to interested parties. Traditionally, agencies are a link between the photographer and end-users, such as media agencies and designers. With the arrival of the internet, the stock photo industry has received a huge boost. The result is that the industry has become more accessible and the delivery process is much faster. Both small and large agencies can serve the whole world.

Challenges for users of creative content

Nowadays the choices in creative material are enormous. Meanwhile, the dividing lines between professional photography and amateur photography are fading, because of improved camera technology. Consumers are taking photographs themselves every day. The better amateur photographers offers their content for sale. While the better professional, in addition to being a photographer, has also become a photo editor in Photoshop. As a result, buyers of photos are faced with the challenge of where and how they can best use creative content.

On your way to appropriate stock agencies and communities

Stock Photo Insider helps you on your way. We love to provide useful information about the stock photo business and stock photography, both in the free and paid segment. We focus on professionals, who want to discover possibilities to get the best fitting visual content for each project. Here we get you started with useful information about stock photography. Our goal is to help you on your way to the most appropriate stock photo agencies and communities.