Compare 25 premium stock photo agencies

Are you looking for perfectly fitting stock photos for artwork, a website, blog or other communication media? And do you want to have access to millions of high-quality photos, illustrations and vector images? We are convinced that you will find what you are looking for at one of the 25 stock photo agencies in the comparison table below. The information in this table is based on data research. Now you can compare stock photo agencies on choice, price and quality. From this handy table everyone can make the best choice. Just select the criteria that are important for you.

AgencyPhotosVectorsVideoAudioItems (M)OriginalityAvg. priceReviewSign up
Shutterstock202,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Alamy143,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
123RF103,0●●●●●🡆 Review🡆 Sign up
Adobe Stock90,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
iStock90,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Depositphotos83,0●●●●🡆 Review🡆 Sign up
Dreamstime81,0●●🡆 Review🡆 Sign up
Getty Images80,0●●●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Pond522,0●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Stockfresh4,0●●🡆 Sign up
Purestock3,0●●●●🡆 Sign up
Photospin2,0●●🡆 Sign up
Crestock2,0●●🡆 Sign up
Stocksy1,0●●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
PhotoDune5,0●●●🡆 Review🡆 Sign up
Photocase0,5●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
ClipDealer35,2●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Pixta34,0●●●🡆 Sign up
Can Stock Photo42,3●●🡆 Sign up
Pixoto4,0●●●🡆 Sign up
Ingimage4,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Mostphotos19,8●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Bigstock67,0●●●🡆 Sign up
CoinaPhoto55,0●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
PantherMedia80,0●●●●🡆 Review🡆 Sign up
Picfair5,0●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up

Agencies with the lowest prices

The price level of agencies for stock photos varies. The price you pay for a stock photo depends on a number of factors. For example, whether you use prepaid credit or a subscription. Some agencies have also divided photos into different price ranges. Our data research of more than 400 payment plans has resulted in an indexing of the agencies that use the lowest prices on average. The five cheapest stock photo agencies can be found in the table below.

AgencyPhotosVectorsVideoAudioItems (M)OriginalityAvg. priceSign up
Crestock2,0●●🡆 Sign up
Canstockphoto42,3●●🡆 Sign up
Bigstock67,0●●●🡆 Sign up
Dreamstime81,0●●🡆 Sign up
Stockfresh4,0●●🡆 Sign up

Agencies with the best value for money

What is more important than value for money? By assessing stock photo agencies on different criteria, we have reached an indexing. For this we assessed the 25 best stock photo agencies for price, originality of the content and quantity of items. Then we placed the results in a relative perspective. The outcome is the next top 5 with stock photo desks with the best value for money.

AgencyPhotosVectorsVideoAudioItems (M)OriginalityAvg. priceSign up
Shutterstock202,00●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
iStock90,00●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Bigstock67,00●●●🡆 Sign up
123RF103,00●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Dreamstime81,00●●🡆 Sign up

Agencies with the highest originality

A disadvantage of stock photography may be that images are overused. So are you looking for the most original photos with a high distinctive value. Do you want to use them exclusively? In our data survey, we assessed the diversity and originality of the stock photo agencies. This has resulted in the top 5 below with agencies for original, artistic and exclusive content.

AgencyPhotosVectorsVideoAudioItems (M)OriginalityAvg. priceSign up
Getty Images80,00●●●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Stocksy1,00●●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Picfair5,00●●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
iStock90,00●●●●●●🡆 Sign up
Photocase0,50●●●●●●●🡆 Sign up