Review of Depositphotos, rising star in stock photography

In this review you will learn more about stock photo agency Depositphotos, a top-10 player in the worldwide market of stock photography. Different subjects are covered. After a short company profile you will find information about the positioning of this agency in terms of price and originality. Then the download plans are reviewed. Finally, you will find information about stock videos and the collection with free photos.

Company profile of Depositphotos

Depositphotos is a unique jewel in the stock photography market. It is one of the fastest growing agencies in the past 10 years. And now, Depositphotos is a top 5 player in the microstock market. When Dmitry Sergeev from Romania launched his microstock website in 2009, he probably could not have imagined that his platform would contain more than 83 million items just ten years later. That is the situation right now. The offer of this agency includes pictures, vectors, editorial images and videos in all imaginable categories. Photos and illustrations are still the mainstay of the business. But now Depositphotos also offers more than 1 million videos.

Selection and impression of photos

Selection from the stock photos of Depositphotos

Offices and languages

In the early years, Depositphotos brought content of little distinctive quality to low prices. This has changed over time due to a growing number of contributors and continuous quality improvement of the website and creative content. In the meantime, the platform has been expanded to 20 languages, and content can now be shared very well via an API. This allows other websites to easily plug in to the database. Depositphotos has offices in New York, Milan, Kiev, Moscow, Limassol and Warsaw and nearly 4.9 million customers.

Price level and positioning

Depositphotos is traditionally known for its extremely favorable rates. Especially in the initial phase, this agency belonged to the cheapest providers of stock photography. And rightly so because initially the originality of the content was on the low side. Gradually, Depositphotos has climbed quite a few steps on the ladder of originality. It is now a middle player where you (also) can go for unique and very appealing photo material. The average price is still very competitive but no longer we can count Depositphotos among the prize fighters.

Download plans at Depositphotos

Depositphotos uses a payment system that is common in the stock photo market. First of all download plans are available for 1 month or 12 months, with a monthly download capacity of 75, 150 or 750 photographs and illustrations. A download plan is especially interesting for those who need a lot of photos and illustrations on a regular basis, such as web designers, news agencies and bloggers. As the bundle grows the price per image decreases. So you can already have images from 0.22 US$ each. In the table below you will find an overview with download plans.

DurationImg/monthTotal imagesPricePrice/imageInfo
1 month757569 US$0.92 US$🡆 More info
1 month15015099 US$0.66 US$🡆 More info
1 month750750199 US$0.27 US$🡆 More info
12 months75900699 US$0.78 US$🡆 More info
12 months1501800999 US$0.56 US$🡆 More info
12 months75090001999 US$0.22 US$🡆 More info

On-demand plans at Depositphotos

For who wants to slow down or needs fewer pictures and illustrations, it is best to choose a on-demand plan. With such a plan you will buy a bundle of downloads that can be used for one year. The on-demand plans are available for photo material with a normal license or extended license. The extended license is required when creative material is explicitly used for the distribution of more than 500,000 prints. Below you will find a table with all on-demand plans.

10Standard 49 US$4.90 US$🡆 More info
25Standard 99 US$3.96 US$🡆 More info
100Standard 299 US$2.99 US$🡆 More info
1Extended89 US$89.00 US$🡆 More info
5Extended359 US$71.80 US$🡆 More info
25Extended1599 US$63.96 US$🡆 More info

Flexible plans at Depositphotos

Finally Depositphotos has a flexible plan available for one month or one year. With such a plan you can download high-resolution photos and illustrations for a fixed price during the period. If your limit is exceeded during the period you only pay 1 US$ per additional item, while unused downloads are transferred to the next month. The flexible plans are an ideal middle way between the download plans and on-demand plans. In the table below you will find an overview with flexible plans.

DurationImg/monthTotal imagesPricePrice/imageInfo
1 month303029 US$0.97 US$🡆 More info
12 months30360299 US$0.83 US$🡆 More info

Stock videos and video subscriptions

With more than 1 million highly usable stock videos Depositphotos is also a major player in the field of video footage. Special download packages are available for stock videos. These can be used up to one year after purchase. In a package there is 1 video, 5 videos or 25 videos. You can combine this number with a choice of SD 240p, SD 480p, HD 720p, HD 1080p and Ultra HD. Both the number of videos and the download quality ultimately determine the price. In he video below you will get a good impression of the possibilities of the available stock footage.

Free photos, vectors and videos

One of the nice benefits for all members of Depositphotos are the free photos, vector files and videos. The agency provides about 25 very useful items every week. This means you can download 1,300 qualitative files per year without paying for them. This service is available to anyone with an account with Depositphotos, even if you have not (yet) purchased a download plan. all you have to do is create a free account. To be able to download free pictures, the only thing you have to do is to create a free account.


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