Review of PantherMedia, German agency with 80 million images

In this review we take a look at the international stock photo giant PantherMedia from Germany. It is an agency with less prominence than the major US agencies. But in terms of supply, this robust player is certainly comparable. In this review you will become acquainted with the company, the platform and its positioning. Finally, there is a comprehensive overview of the ways in which you can purchase image material. All image packages, download plans and credit packages are conveniently arranged in handy tables.

Company profile of PantherMedia

PantherMedia is an international stock photo agency that was founded in Germany in 2004. The agency has a portfolio of 80 million photos, videos and vectors. Measured by number of items, it is a top 10 player in the microstock market. She has more than 100 distribution partners around the world. PantherMedia is a well-known name in Europe in particular. With subsidiaries in Poland, Denmark, Italy and Portugal, it is firmly established on the continent.

Impression of photo material at PantherMedia

Selection from the stock photos of PantherMedia

Platform and languages

You can go to this agency for stock photos, vectors, editorial images, rights-managed images and videos. In contrast to providers of comparable size, the number of contributors is lower. However, with 50,000 contributors, PantherMedia sells the work of a substantial number of photographers. In addition to the international (English) website, variants are available in German, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. A hotline is also available in different languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Price level and originality

This agency is a middle player in the stock photography market. The offer is comparable to that of well-known names such as Depositphotos and Dreamstime. The photographic material can be considered average in terms of creativity and originality. At PantherMedia you will find a lot of usable and functional visual material without too many artistic outliers. You can see that in the favorable prices. PantherMedia is relatively inexpensive with an average price per photo of 2.90 US$. When purchasing an extensive download plan that price can drop to 0.35 US$ per photo.

Download plans at PantherMedia

To be able to purchase photos at PantherMedia there are various possibilities. First of all you can opt for a download plan with a duration of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. During the term you can download 50, 150 or 500 photos each month for a fixed amount. A download plan leads by far to the lowest price per download. It is of course only interesting when you regularly need new photos. A download plan is ideal for web designers, bloggers, news agencies, designers etc. Below you will find the various options.

DurationImg/monthTotal imagesPricePrice/imageInfo
1 month505060 US$1.20 US$πŸ‘† More info
1 month15015095 US$0.63 US$πŸ‘† More info
1 month500500215 US$0.43 US$πŸ‘† More info
3 months50150165 US$1.10 US$πŸ‘† More info
3 months150450255 US$0.57 US$πŸ‘† More info
3 months5001500585 US$0.39 US$πŸ‘† More info
12 months50600600 US$1.00 US$πŸ‘† More info
12 months1501800900 US$0.50 US$ πŸ‘† More info
12 months50060002100 US$0.35 US$πŸ‘† More info

Image packages at PantherMedia

A second option is the purchase of an image package. Image packages are ideal for those who need photos on an irregular basis. With this you buy a bundle in one go with for example 5, 50 or 500 downloads. For a year after purchase, you can use the purchased package. PantherMedia offers a total of 14 different image packages. On the one hand, you choose the number of downloads. On the other hand, you choose between an HD resolution or the smaller (and cheaper) web resolution.

5Web21.50 US$4.30 US$πŸ‘† More info
10Web40.00 US$4.00 US$ πŸ‘† More info
25Web90.00 US$ 3.60 US$πŸ‘† More info
50Web165.00 US$ 3.30 US$πŸ‘† More info
100Web300.00 US$ 3.00 US$πŸ‘† More info
250Web650.00 US$ 2.60 US$πŸ‘† More info
500Web1150.00 US$2.30 US$πŸ‘† More info
5HD46.00 US$ 9.20 US$πŸ‘† More info
10HD89.00 US$ 8.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
25HD212.50 US$ 8.50 US$πŸ‘† More info
50HD410.00 US$ 8.20 US$πŸ‘† More info
100HD790.00 US$ 7.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
250HD1875.00 US$7.50 US$πŸ‘† More info
500HD3600.00 US$7.20 US$πŸ‘† More info

Credit packages at PantherMedia

Finally, PantherMedia offers credit packages. You can spend the purchased credits on visual material. With credits you can also purchase videos. This is not possible with an image package or a download plan. Another advantage of credits compared to image packages is that credits do not expire after a year. On the other hand, the price per photo will on average be higher with a credit package. You can choose from ten different packages, ranging from 10 to 10,000 credits. With one credit you can buy one small resolution photo. For a video you always need considerably more. The credit packages are shown in the table below.

10Up to 1015 US$1.50 US$πŸ‘† More info
25Up to 2535 US$1.40 US$πŸ‘† More info
50Up to 5065 US$1.30 US$πŸ‘† More info
100Up to 100125 US$1.25 US$πŸ‘† More info
275Up to 275330 US$1.20 US$πŸ‘† More info
500Up to 500575 US$1.15 US$πŸ‘† More info
1000Up to 10001.100 US$1.10 US$πŸ‘† More info
2500Up to 25002.500 US$1.00 US$πŸ‘† More info
5000Up to 50004.750 US$0.95 US$ πŸ‘† More info
10000Up to 100009.000 US$0.90 US$πŸ‘† More info

Single image downloads at PantherMedia

For business customers there is the possibility to download a single image on account. In this case you can use the webshop function: place the desired images in the shopping cart and pay with Paypal or credit card. With this method the prices per image are on average significantly higher than with the above packages. But it gives you much more flexibility.

Single downloadStandard 400 px1.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
Single downloadStandard 800 px3.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
Single downloadStandard 1748 px11.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
Single downloadStandard 3508 px16.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
Single downloadStandard 5600 px22.90 US$πŸ‘† More info
Extended User GroupExtended+40.00 US$πŸ‘† More info
Merchandising-LicenseExtended+55.00 US$πŸ‘† More info
All-in-one-packExtended+60.00 US$πŸ‘† More info

500,000 Stock videos

At PantherMedia you will find almost 500,000 videos in addition to photos. With such an overwhelming offer, it is logical that you can go for material in all conceivable categories. In terms of originality, the offer is comparable to that of stock photos: mainly functional. Videos can be purchased with credits and on-demand. The price will increase as the resolution is higher. When you pay with credits, the price for a small resolution video is about 17 US$. For HD videos you pay about 50$ each.


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