Review of PhotoDune, stock photo agency with clear unit prices

In this review, we take a closer look at PhotoDune, a small but effective stock photo agency from Australia. With its unit prices this provider can best be described as simple but well-organized. What you can expect from PhotoDune can be read in this review. We describe the company profile, quality, payment options and free opportunities. And you will read what the parent company of PhotoDune, Envato, does in the field of video.

Company profile

Since 2011 PhotoDune is part of the Envato Market, a company headquartered in Australia. Envato is a group with marketplaces where content is traded for web designers in particular. The Envato Market offer includes themes, vectors, video and audio files. At PhotoDune, Envato offers a special collection of nearly 1 million high quality stock photos and stock videos. With 1.5 active users, 8 million registered users and 5 million items, Envato is a major player in the professional creative content market.

Selection from the stock photos of Photodune

Quality of the platform

As part of Envato Market’s creative eco-system, PhotoDune is a unique player in the stock photography market. The high quality of the Envato network is also visible on PhotoDune. You will find a lot of unique material that you do not find on other large microstock sites. And the price level is very acceptable. PhotoDune does not need to have a large volume with stock photos. The creativity of the 35,000 connected designers, photographers and developers does the work automatically.

Prices and payment at PhotoDune

PhotoDune breaks the habits in the market of stock photography with a very simple and clear payment model. Every photo has a fixed price. And you pay as usual in a web shop. So you do not need credits or a download plan. Optionally, you can pay with your Envato Credit, which results in a price advantage. The price per photo is clear: most photos cost 5 US$. There are also pictures that are priced a bit higher, to about 10 US$ each. The prizes are determined by the Envato team, who first assesses the submitted work of photographers before they become available on the marketplace.

500,000 Stock Videos

Envato is just as big in stock video as in stock photography. Photographs are offered under the label PhotoDune and videos under the label Videohive. These labels are in fact all connected through one platform. Videohive offers more than 550,000 stock videos in all imaginable categories. Nature, people, corporate business, food, lifestyle and technology are a selection of the many topics on Videohive. The price per video is between 1 US$ and 150 US$.

Free photos

A nice advantage of PhotoDune are the free freebees for registered members. Every division of Envato makes an item available every month. This results each year have more than 100 free highly usable items. In addition to free stock photos from Photodune, you can also find free code, audio, video, themes and 3D models. All you have to do is to register on the website. So sign up and start downloading.


Digital economist and experienced user of stock photography for many purposes like blogs, advertising, websites and news media. Researcher of the market of stock photography. Loves to write about chances with visual content.

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